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Turning Visions into Realities

At Milestone, we’re excited to be a leading provider of strategic IT solutions to some of the world’s biggest companies. Our clients are visionaries and industry leaders in their respective sectors, and Milestone makes it possible for them to deliver the innovative products and services that change the way the world interacts with technology every day.

Searching for something on the Internet? Chances are Milestone supports the people who make your search possible. Shopping online? Milestone powers the team that keeps your online marketplace up and running. Connecting with friends and family via social media? Milestone runs in the background of every interaction. Whether you’re looking for a ride or browsing for something to watch online, Milestone provides the Managed Services that facilitate innovation at the companies you depend on.

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But you don’t have to take our word for it. Ask Joe Schneider, Head of Internal User Support at Facebook. He says, “Everyone that I’ve had a chance to work with at Milestone has been fabulous. The people they brought in to work on the managed services [at Facebook] have excelled.”

Our clients create the high-quality products and services that end-users around the globe use every single day. Milestone takes our position in the industry seriously because, in the end, your customers are our clients.

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