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IT Relocation Services

IT Relocation Services

Migrating Your Business

When your business is ready to move, we’re ready to help. With our roots in IT Relocation Services, Milestone technicians are well versed in migration projects and the components that make them successful. Our teams employ an innovative cloud-based tracking system, giving you complete visibility as we move your workplace seamlessly from point A to point B. Milestone’s process for IT Relocation is comprised of five stages – plan, stage, move, install, and support – all of which drive your company’s relocation project.

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Milestone Helps You Move

Moving your office’s IT equipment is a lot more complicated than simply disconnecting and reconnecting devices. By leveraging the best tools and processes in the industry, Milestone provides actionable strategies for migrating your IT infrastructure safely and securely. Our teams ensure rapid and efficient operations to minimize disruptions and ensure business continuity for your employees through the following components:

  • Detailed project plan for procurement, communications, and transition activities
  • Staging services for removing, identifying, controlling, configuring, tracking, and packaging equipment
  • Cloud-based dashboards for monitoring progress throughout the duration of the project
  • Installation services for access points, labs, conference rooms, or offices
  • Post-move auditing and end-user support
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