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Installs, Moves, Adds, Changes (IMAC)

On-Demand and Fully Managed Physical Support Team

Whether you are opening a new facility or relocating, Milestone’s IMAC team drive a productive workplace by transforming and improving your office environment. From deployment to decommission, our suite of project-based solutions delivers exceptional support from highly-skilled experts who work with you to understand the needs of your workplace and realize an optimized project plan for your IT infrastructure.

Smart Hands to Support All Your Data Center Needs

With over 20 years of experience in Data Center implementation, relocation, and decommissioning; Milestone promises to deliver an expert team for all your Data Center physical needs. Our team is trained in industry leading best practices for staging, racking, patching, and cable management. We manage secure data erasure and hardware decommissioning to ensure compliance with ISO and R2.

Installs, Moves, Adds, Changes (IMAC)


IT Moves
Desktop Deinstallation
Data Center Deinstallation
Delivery Services

New / Existing Hardware
Inventory Management


Cloud Based Asset Tracking
Inventory Audit
Rack Elevation Drawings
Patching Matrix

Asset Configuration
OS Builds / Imaging

Reinstall / Deploy

Deploy and Reinstall
QA Testing
Cable Management

Post-install Support
End-user Support


Data Erasure
Certificate of Destruction (COD)

Break / Fix

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Download Data Sheet: IT Office Services
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